Finally, after 11 years, Juan of Piscinas de Cemento (PC) has decided to distribute his exclusive product worldwide! PC has all this time been making pools in Ibiza, piece by piece seamlessly finished. Until now, this finishing product was only available on the Spanish island, as Juan wanted to test and perfect his product to a tee for years upon end, no matter what. 

Now, after 11 years of hopefully following his business, and admittedly drooling over his absolute stunners of swimming pools with a tad bit of jealousy, it is finally happening.  Zuuvr managed to close an exclusive contract with Ibiza Minerals (IBM). Hence, we are super proud to announce that we are able to call ourselves the first and only distributor and installer of this product in the Benelux. Seriously though, just scroll for a bit through his instagram and you will instantly fall in love. 

Ibiza Minerals is not only a delight to the eye, it is also an extremely sustainable product, with lots of other advantages:

  • Take your hotel to the next level and attract a whole new, high-end range of customers with the most exclusive waterproofing on the market
  • Provide your guests with a never-seen before environment, in which they will be able to do nothing but be amazed
  • A wonderful wellness environment that enhances relaxation and switching-off from the busy outside world
  • Difference your hotel from the others, who will be doing the same old mosaics for years to come
  • Magnificent in infinity pools because no border stones are needed
  • Extend the unique imago of your hotel to the swimming pool as every look and colour on your wishlist is possible with IBM
  • Create a coherent whole by using IBM also in the showers and bathrooms. 
  • Limit service time and costs, as this seamless product is a delight to clean
  • Proven high-quality product: over more than 10 years of experience
  • The most eco-friendly product on the market: since IBM is made on a basis of chalk, it does not contain epoxy or chemicals.
  •  Applicable to every filtration: chorated, salt electrolysis, biological
  • Create the real holiday feeling close by home, guests will imagine them being on a tropical island. Ibiza minerals has his name for a reason! 

Because of the exclusivity Zuuvr has, we place IBM in the entire Benelux.
We apply IBM to swimming pools composed of poured concrete.
Zuuvr works for this application in cooperation with a patented, specifically trained plasterer.
Reference price for IBM = 280 euro/m2.



Important to note is that renovations are also possible. We use IBM to revamp and restore your project. Transform mortex into IBM for a safer, more durable ànd extremely eco-friendly relaxation environment for your guests. 

IBM has stood the test of time with flying colours, even in heavily chlorinated pools. Where products like mortex and concrete can provide a similar look, they are a lot less sustainable, and a lot more harmful for the climate. In bathrooms, floors, kitchen, and other places where there is mainly splash water, mortex and concrete could still preserve fairly well. However, in swimming pools, where the material is continuously completely immersed in water, it was always scary to watch the deterioration start. These worries are now gone with Ibiza Minerals!

Now, your pool becomes accessible for a broader public, with guaranteed long-term safety for your guests, as well as for the climate. Furthermore, we can renovate your project within a short timespan, so closing times will be very limited. Also here, the same advantages as for new projects hold. IBM is the way to go if you want to difference yourself from the others, in terms of looks, atmosphere, quality, safety, durability and eco-friendliness