Hotels are trying to reduce their ecological footprint, their impact on the climate.
They are trying to be more eco-friendly and sustainable. 

Let us give some examples of the efforts hotels are currently putting in:

– Towels are changed less often
– Bed sheets are not changed every night anymore
– Air conditioning/heating can only be put on in between certain hours, in certain months
– …




However, even though these are all steps in the right direction, they are often not the most efficient in tackling climate change.

For instance, in an article in the Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Research, it was explained that by lowering the frequency of washing towels and bedsheets, there are often more stubborn stains in the fabric. This requires the personnel to wash them even more often or use heavy chemicals in order to get the stains removed, increasing climate impact.

In another article, it was shown that the average environmental impact still comes from electricity, and one third from heating.

So, although hotels are trying, tackling climate change is something that we better do together! One of the most heavy users in hotels is the swimming pool, which is often forgotten when it comes to saving the climate. A swimming pool is for many hotels an added value, as it can provide guests the often desired luxury and comfort. However, this is also possible in an eco-friendly way, which we are able to help you with! 

Dealing with the swimming pool provides huge savings, in a variety of domains, like water usage, elektricity, infrastructure, personnel, maintenance, service, transportation, etc. For the specific numbers, definitely check out our case studies. Hotels will get more space in the finances back, by investing in the high-end and durable filtration system of ZUUVR. 

Furthermore, changing to a ZUUVR system has major health benefits. Hotel guests will no longer be affected by the negative impact of chlorine and chemicals that are otherwise present in pools. Thereby, the pool becomes accessible for a broader public, with guaranteed safety. 

If you also want to commit to an environmentally friendly future, do not hesitate to contact us for a non-binding meeting. We are happy to help, together we can do this.