We always try to offer the best solution for your project.
Sometimes, a fully biological filtration is not possible or not advisable
(e.g. due to too little circulation, too heavy pollution).
In that case, the ideal solution comes from Freepool.

Freepool is developed by the biggest swimming pool group in the world, named Fluidra.
Their research, growth and results are mind-blowing.
Freepool is one of Fluidra’s greatest and newest developments: a revolutionary natural, low-chlorine water treatment and disinfection system for public pools.



  • Prevents skin and airway problems,

  • Provides a clean environment without a strong smell of chlorine,

  • Improves durability, sustainability, and safety,

  • Increases economic savings.


About us

Zuuvr wants to change the way we deal with our scarce natural resources such as water. The drought is increasing. Water reserves are dwindling. This calls for a well thought-out water policy.

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