Filtration categories

Disinfection and health

Chlorine is and stays a popular manner to disinfect swimming pool water. However, that is almost unbelievable when objectively looking at the range of disadvantages that chlorine has, both for swimmers and for the environment. Luckily, very interesting alternatives are available!
We can divide the water filtration systems used in swimming pools in 3 main categories.


1. Chlorine/salt electrolysis

Chlorine is the most used disinfecting substance in the swimming pool industry. Nonetheless, chlorine kills nearly every living element that is present in the water. In other words, chlorine does disinfect water, but it also completely knocks out every living substance. Chlorine ensures it becomes impossible to acquire an infectious disease or become ill on the short-term, hence its popularity in the swimming pool industry. However, on the long-term, there are a bunch of noteworthy disadvantages. For more information, definitely go check out our blog post, that is specifically dedicated to the disadvantages of chlorine. In the case of salt electrolysis, the salt is converted into chlorine, causing the same effect.

2. Low-chlorine/hydrolysis

Chlorine is assigned a less important role, since the disinfection is supported by hydrolysis and often a UV-filtration as well. This is what we call a filtration low in chlorine, because the chlorine is not pertinently present, and you experience a lot less disadvantages caused by it. However, the small amount of chlorine does stay necessary in this type of filtration to be able to guarantee a sufficient quality of the water. Together with the chlorine being 75% lower, the disadvantage for human and climate are naturally also 75% lower. For this filtration type, we cooperate with Freepool. For more information, see the respective blog post on Freepool.

3. Biomineral filtration

The water is disinfected by natural bacteria, similar to how water is purified in a lake. No chemicals are involved; hence this is what we call a completely chlorine-free filtration.

In swimming ponds, this involves lava – or swamp filtering.
In swimming pools, this swamp filtering is substituted and improved by the Vitii filtration.

Note: there are other disinfecting products on the market, like silver, copper, perioxide, … These belong to the same category as chlorine and are often at least as harmful, or even more so than chlorine already is!

Advantages of a chlorine-free filtration

From the moment you dive into your biological swimming pool you will notice the difference!

  • Swimming comfort
    • Swimming with your eyes open is perfectly possible, no red eyes afterwards
    • No irritated or dry skin
    • No shortness of breath
    • No need to shower afterwards
    • No odour nuisance
  • Accessible for everyone
    • Completely allergy-free
    • Healthy water, also for small children
  • Savings on materials
    • Materials last longer (liner, assemblies, pumps and filters, …)
    • No rust due to corrosive water
  • Savings on maintenance
    • Less water usage
    • Less heating needed
    • No need to add chemicals
  • ECO-filtration
    • No polluted chlorine water in the sewer
    • The small amount of rinsing water can perfectly be re-used in the garden
    • Production of chlorine and salt is polluting, Vitii systems are not
  • Completely automated
    • Auto backwash
    • Remote control with an app
    • Intelligent filtration that adapts to momentary circumstances (rain, refill water, usage of pool, …)


The functioning of the Vitii-filtration in a nutshell:

  1. Filtration
  2. Mechanical filtration by a vortex and beadfilter
  3. Biological filtration by the beadfilter
  4. UV
  5. Disinfection
  6. Enrichment of oxygen
  7. Mineral balancing
  8. a. Adding of bacteria
    b. Adding of minerals

Vitii is the only 100% biological filtration on the market that complies with the strict Belgian norms for public swimming pools. The water is completely healthy and safe for the swimmers.

However, in some unique cases, a 100% biological filtration does not seem to be a good solution (design, number of guests, …). In that case, Freepool is the best offer.


This biological filtration is on a true rise.

With our ecological mindset, we are the cutting edge of this story.
After adequate education and qualification, we can call ourselves a certified Vitii dealer.
Ollevier en Co places these filtrations for private individuals, whilst sister company Zuuvr takes care of the public sector.
This way, we install and maintain Vitii-filtrations for innovative private individuals and pioneering hotels, from Durbuy to Aalter, and from Paris to Budapest.