Zuuvr is an independent company that develops and builds filtration systems tailored to the customer. We work non-proprietary, which means that we can combine elements from different brands to create the best suitable option for you.
Therefore, we only use filtrations and techniques that we support 200%. This way, we can always suggest a filtration system that perfectly meets the needs and wishes of the specific customer.

Often, the Vitii-system is at the core of our recommendation. If this complete bio-filtration is not the best solution for your project, we will however advise against this.
If a Vitii-filtration does seem to be the best solution for your project, we can still make modifications to fine-tune the system specifically to your project. This causes for more savings and even better experiences than outlined by the manufacturer.

Working tailor-made allows us equally to take over service contracts of filtrations or swimming pools that we did not place ourselves. It is also possible to make small (although significantly saving) modifications to existing systems, when a total renovation is not desired / possible / optimal.