Your eco-neutral swimming pool

Solutions for a lower ecological footprint

Never before, have people been so conscious about climate change as nowadays. Simultaneously, never before, have there been built as many pools as nowadays.

That is very contradictory, since swimming pools are usually exactly one of the major consumers. Epoxy mono-blocks, water refills, heating on electricity or gas, chemical products for purification, … you name it. These are all elements that are not beneficial with the eye on reducing the ecological footprint.

However, it is still possible to have the best of both worlds. By choosing an eco-neutral swimming pool, you will be able to both enjoy the swimming fun at home, as well as contribute to an ecologically sustainable world.

We offer you a 360°-approach to help you in making this dream come true. Below, we provide a range of elements that can transform your pool from major consumer to eco-neutral.

Ibiza Minerals (IBM)

Ibiza minerals is a natural waterproofing made out of cement/chalk.
IBM is a naturally mined product that is spread out and polished, and to which colour can be added according to your preference. Both producing and processing IBM does not leave an impact on the climate, in contrast with other waterproofing like epoxy, polyester, pvc,…

Vitii: produced and discharged without chemicals

Vitii is a biological filtration in which no chemicals are used to obtain perfectly clean and disinfected water for your pool. Usually, swimming pools are disinfected using large amounts of chlorine, which is very damaging for the environment. On top of that, the chlorine filled water is discharged in the sewer when backwashing. Sewage treatment plants are severely hindered by this, since they normally purify sewer water using bacteria. However, chlorine kills these bacteria, seriously complicating the purifying process.

Automatic rinse: water usage and heating

We can automate the backwash, in order to use the exact amount of water needed for a proper rinse, without using too much. Less water refill is already good for the environment, but on top of that, a direct consequence of automatic rinsing is that there is less water to be re-filtered and reheated again.
In a Vitii filtration system, the backwash is done using air, causing the water usage to be drastically reduced.

Proactive and remote service with smart filtrations

We manage your filtration digitally and remotely. This way, we can prevent unnecessary interventions and journeys. Interesting for the costs of working hours, but also for fuel usage.


Ok, nobody likes swimming in a cold pool. However, heating does not have to mean spillage or high costs, thanks to the following elements:

  • Solar roll cover that seals off for optimal heating and heat containment
  • Saving inverter heating pumps
  • Efficient heat exchangers
  • Well insulated walls and floor

Electricity usage

Naturally, we use a small amount of necessary electricity, but we are able to limit that due to:

  • Saving LED lighting
  • Frequency-based pumps
  • Sufficiently large pipe diameters (good water flow reduces the usage by the pump)
  • Intelligent filtrations that measure the water and are only working when necessary

Solar panels

If you want to go all the way in the eco-friendly approach, we can provide your project with solar panels. This way, you can generate the amount for your own usage and there is no need to cause further burden on the electricity network

We place these on your house, poolhouse or in the garden and make the necessary electrical connections. This is the most ideal, effective and innovative solution if you really want a visible change in your electricity usage and -costs.

With the new prosumers price, it can be very interesting to put back your excess energy in your own swimming pool, instead of paying for it to then afterwards send it back on the electricity network!


Zuuvr offers you the ideal solution. Enjoy your swimming pool even more, without having to worry about the costs, the spillage, or the impact on the climate.
Clear swimming with a clear conscience!