Hotel Tropical

Presenting the durability and eco-friendly benefits.


What was important?

Ecological swimming pool

The owner is bio-minded and wats a chlorine-free pool because of the ecological progression. He believes in a eco future.

Effects on nature

The tropical plants around his pool will be preserved longer and more beautiful.


His guests will be able to swim in a pleasant and natural environment. There are also hotel rooms next to the swimming pool, which are located under a large 'dome' and with zuuvr he prevents the odor nuisance (chlorine) to access the rooms.

Sustainable future

He is not interested in saving money, but in the ecological future of our planet on which our children and grand children will have to live even longer.

Hotel Stayen

Presenting the numbers and economical savings.

Case study 2

Costs before renovation


50 L./month
600 L./year
1,7 euro/liter

1.020 euro/year


25 L./month
300 L./year
1,7 euro/liter

510 euro/year

Water consumption

500 m³/year
6 euro/m³

3.000 euro/year

Power consumption

3 pomps 1,6 kw

9.600 euro/year

Working hours (own manpower)

3x cleaning/week - 1h each time = 3h/week
3x measuring/day - 0,25h each time = 3,75h/week
30 euro/hour

10.530 euro/year

Total = 24.660 euro

Costs after renovation

Bacteria and maintenance products

(see quotation) = 331,64
jacuzzi PH = 85,00

416,64 euro/year

Water consumption

50 m³/year
6 euro/m³

300 euro/year

Power consumption

1 pomp 1,6 kw frequency controlled
1 pomp 1,6 kw frequency controlled

2.700 euro/year

Working hours (own manpower)

1x visual inspection/day - 0,10h each time = 0,50h/week
1x measuring/week - 0,33h each time = 0,33h/week
30 euro/hour

1.294 euro/year

Total = 4.711,44 euro


Presenting the accessibility and health benefits.

Case study 3

Chlorine allergie

Children of the owner could not go swimming in a chlorine-rich pool because of allergic reactions. Therefore, the physiotherapist had his pool converted to a chlorine-free pool with an installation of Vitii.

Health benefits

He immediately noticed that his guests found this pleasant because of the natural and pure experience. Both he and the patients could endure it longer in this environment. No odour nuisance, no irritation on the skin, hair does not break, no red eyes, the infrastructure that is preserved longer (stainless).


He received more requests from people with injuries to treat them in his bath because of the natural and pure experience but also he could finish more and longer sessions with the chlorine-free environment. Also pregnant women, small children and elderly can now be treated safely in the swimming pool. The number of guests tripled to 200 visitors each week!


Do you want to change the future?