Last week, we finished the renovations in Hotel Tropical, in Durbuy.

Not only does the owner have an eco-friendly mindset, the biologically filtered water fits in perfectly in the natural environment in which the swimming pool is located. The rooms and the restaurant of the hotel are adjacent to the tropical indoor garden and pool. Yes, the hotel did not steal his name. Furthermore, the natural air without the pervasive smell of chlorine makes the area much more pleasant to be around in.

The owner chose to work with us, because of our shared eco-friendly mindset.
The considerable savings that this renovation will provide were not even a decisive factor for the owner but are nonetheless a welcome bonus.

This is the only 100% biological filtration, which is approved by both the Flemish as well as the Walloon government. We monitor the water closely to guarantee the highest quality. Government institutions are witnessing this at first hand. The water is being tested every two weeks.

We renovated the hotel during the corona measures, so it was closed anyway. Nonetheless, the renovation took us only 3 days, after which the swimming pool was fully ready for use again. These 3 days already include the removal of the old filtration system. Hopefully, after everything is safe and sound again, the hotel will be able to open soon.The hotel has a loyal customer base, so the owner is looking forward to treating his guests with this unique swimming pool experience!

Of course, our cooperation does not stop after the installation alone. We do not leave Alexander and his hotel Tropical to their fate. We remotely monitor the filtration with care. We analyze the water reports from the lab and keep in close contact with Alexander during the whole process. Alexander has chosen to do the maintenance of the swimming pool himself, which reduces our service contract to a minimum of 1/quarter.

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