After sales service

A proactive filtration.

A good after-sales service is not possible without delivering a good product in the first instance.
Our filtrations are fully automatic, they measure, check and clean themselves.

The result is 1 of the most important pillars in water: stability.

Once stability is achieved, only a tap of this is needed to keep it that way.
Something that is “on course” wants to stay that way. Newton’s law.

After delivery, we hold in-house training for our own maintenance people.

We answer all questions, draw up a step-by-step plan and a scenario for frequent maintenance. But also a troubleshooting guide: what to do with a specific problem.

These people are on site, they can act immediately.

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

First aid – material on location.

In this way, own maintenance people (provided knowledge) can intervene immediately.

Transparent customized contract

Choose our input yourself. Daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly (at least)
Transparent price structure. What is in the contract, what is not. No call out costs.
You get an overview of timetrackings and used materials
Invoicing according to consumption AFTER maintenance. (do not pay annual amount at the beginning of the year – for the coming year)
In the event of emergency interventions, we can already exclude the issue remotely and work efficiently.


More frequent proactive maintenance by maintenance personnel – keep us informed via the app.
We check the app remotely. See problems before they pop up.

We keep us to agreements and come to maintenance at fixed times.

Whatsapp group with maintenance staff + our technicians so that everyone can follow

“Support Hotel Location”

Telephone – just call
Mail –


Avoiding problems is impossible. But we often see them before they turn up. When they pop up, we offer a suitable 360 ° solution. First aid own staff, remote preparation, targeted interventions.

Carefree enjoyment of a 365 day swimming pool.


Do you want to change the future?