Health / accessibility

No chlorine or chemicals

We deliver a complete chlorine free solution for your pool. Our filtration system is 100% eco-friendly and gives many health advantages. With this in mind we can guarantee you that your pool becomes accessible for everyone.

  • No red eyes
  • No irritations
  • No coughing or wheezing
  • No dry skin
  • ...

  • No allergies
  • Accessible for pregnant women, baby's and elderly
  • Better work conditions for rescuers/staff
  • ...

DURABILITY / eco-friendly

We deliver a high-end durable filtration system

Zuuvr wants to change the way we deal with our scarce natural resources such as water. The drought is increasing. Water reserves are dwindling. This calls for a well thought-out water policy.

  • Ecological footprint reduces
  • Natural products
  • No more water is discharged
  • A pleasant and natural environment for your guests
  • ...

  • No attack on installation
  • Less electricity consumption
  • No risk of leakage due to erosion
  • ...

cost savings

Our product gives you more space in the finances

Because of our economical consumption system and durability features we can guarantee you a saving on costs. There is a big difference in the consumption of energy and water, but also in operating costs.