In an ideal world this website wouldn’t exist, a client would acknowledge the importance of having web copy before the design starts. Needless to say it’s very important, content is king and people are beginning to understand that. However, back over in reality some project schedules and budgets don’t allow for web copy to be written before the design phase, this is sad but true.

We’re here to help, we’ve written examples of web copy for over 40 industries for you to use at concept phase of your projects to bring a little life and realism to your designs and help you think about who and what you are designing for. We want clients and designers alike to think about their design and how it will work with the web copy, we want you think about how numbers.

Zuuvr wants to change the way we deal with our scarce natural resources such as water.
The drought is increasing. Water reserves are dwindling. This calls for a well thought-out water policy.
We are committed to an environmentally friendly future.
With the right vision and the help of advanced technologies, we can shape this sustainable future together. We can and want to help you to use water efficiently, to reuse it and to reduce waste water to a minimum.
We improve the world and you improve your budget.

Zuuvr builds and renovates all things water to reduce wastage and work towards an eco future.
We offer natural, ecological filtration systems to purify your water, whether that be a recreative or olympic swimming pool, a fountain, an industrial water reservoir, storage units, or water reuse systems.
We provide drastic savings in your budgets with a formula that requires less maintenance, uses less water and uses less electricity. On top of that, you no longer need to store harmful chemicals.

With our 30 years of experience in this sector, you can count on our eco-friendly water that meets all requirements and expectations.
We aim to improve your business through clear communication, high quality output and image.
A natural and ecological experience in a comfortable environment.

Zuuvr wants to set an example in how we treat each other, our fellow human beings and our environment. Respect is of paramount importance to us.
We strive to be full of drive, with a strong focus, neat, friendly and obliging.
A new, energetic, classy standard in the market, which you can rely on.
A partner who believes in ecology and is committed to renovations and pool optimization.
We do good work, value our partners, are good for each other, exclusive and deliver high quality.


+30 years of experience in pools
+10 years of experience with Vitii


45 people strong

Do you want to change the future?